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KASIMIR station!

Support our project with your café, office, furniture, shared flat or shop and become part of our movement for a bike-friendly city. For what?

  • You are sending out a signal: for ecological and transport policy rethinking and neighbourly cooperation.
  • You get in touch with people from your neighborhood who appreciate your commitment.

There are two ways to become a station:

Either: KASIMIR stops at you

Agree to host and lend KASIMIR for a few weeks. We will bring kasIMIR to you in time and explain to you how everything works. At the end of the time you have hosted KASIMIR, we will pick him up with you again. How the daily rental works is further down on this page.

Or: You set up your own bike on your feet

Do you have a cargo bike (temporarily) left over or think about getting one to make it accessible to all people in your Veedel for free via our platform? We will help you with this and will be happy to accompany you on all aspects from the choice of the bike to questions about financing, insurance and design up to regular maintenance and a safe storage facility.  Most of all, we look forward to finding a common name.

Here's how daily rental works:

Whether you are in KASIMIR or have your own bike, the rental works very simply:

  1. The borrowers book the cargo bikes through the website – no effort for you!
  2. Either the borrowers pick up the cargo bike at your opening hours, or they call you to find an appointment for the handover – you have the choice!
  3. A maximum of one booking per day is possible.
  4. Once the borrowers are there, all you have to do is write down your name and address and then make the short handover – 5 minutes of effort per booking.
  5. The borrowers bring the bike back and throw the keys in your mailbox if you haven't made a personal return.
  6. Booking, booking confirmation and inquiries about the bookings are provided by us or the website.

You want to be part of KASIMIR – cargo bike?

Just write to us: You can always contact us if you have any questions.